“Nothing” Fantastic

If perpetual motion is impossible then there can be no such manifestation commonly called “nothingness.” “Nothingness” must be just as physical as “somethingness.” If perpetual motion is impossible “nothingness” must still contain some form of quantum interactions, thus we have quantum foam fluctuations which change the density of matter thus hindering the velocity/energy of the perpetual motion device. “Nothingness” is simply the absence of matter but by no means the absence of the essence of being physical. It is only because of a lack of imagination that the word “nothing” is usually thought to mean something untenable–” ‘Nothingness’ is the absence of everything and anything, in some pseudo-philosophical idea of the pure absence of the potential for something.”(Perhaps a theologian would give this definition).– When subjected to vigorous scientific scrutiny this idea falls apart. This is not to say that if perpetual motion is possible then “nothingness” is, in this theological sense a possibility. The simple fact that there is “something” refutes the possibility of this “Pseudo-Nothingness” idea. Just because something is impossible if something else impossible, doesn’t denote the corollary of if something is possible, something else is necessarily possible. If nothing cannot contain the potential for something it follows that there was never “Nothing,” for we are indeed here and by all accounts there is something rather than nothing. It can’t have been and it cannot be. Thus you could say nothingness is unstable. But at the same time, if our universe is a zero energy universe it follows that no energy was required to create it thus no energy is required to sustain it. It continues to infinity. (this is all assuming we live in a flat universe which would be mathematically infinite) Is this not a perpetual motion machine? If it is, perhaps with a better understanding and techniques for manipulating the quantum could lead to the development of a perpetual motion machine. This is where I get uncertain. Is there any reason why a perpetual motion machine cannot exist within another perpetual motion machine. I see no physical law that this would violate. Even if perpetual motion is possible it wouldn’t change the above statements about nothingness however, it would simply prove that a universe can come into existence without requiring any energy. The universe could be only a “bubble universe” within the grand perpetual motion “bubble universe” creating “Multiverse.” “Far fetched, pseudo-physics!” I hear you cry. Besides the numerous mathematical models that seem to suggest or at least hint at a multiverse, a mere historical example to put our overinflated, anthropomorphizing ego in check could help lessen the seemingly fantastical idea.
The Earth used to be flat you know? Yes, indeed. Not only was it flat, but it was all that existed as an entity unto itself, serving no purpose other than that of the divine. The stars were mere decorations for we all important humans, and the moon, a “light source,” to quote from Genesis of the Christian Bible, to help us see. Of course! The Sun, after it was revered as a God by many in ancient times, eventually became an object that most certainly was placed here for some anthropomorphic goal by some deity.
And then something utterly, in the very precise meaning of the word, “fantastic” happened!
…Science…Galileo…Copernicus… Newton…Einstein…Hubble…etc!
“And then there was light.” But this light was from a tower, an Ivory Tower of Knowledge. From this tower we were shown that in fact we live in a vast solar system, one in which we are not the center, inside of a vast section, of a vast galaxy, within an even more vast collection of galaxies, within an extraordinarily more vast amount of “nothing,” stretching a mind boggling 13.72 billion light years across and expanding ever more rapidly. We are a mere spec of dust in an infinitely large and empty dust bowls. In fact the amount of “nothingness” is so much greater than “somethingness,” if you were to imagine a grain of sand seeking another grain of sand in this infinite dust bowl, it would have to travel billions of times farther than the distance from San Francisco to New York, only to find out that it was nowhere close to meeting a fellow grain.
To wrap this point completely around and make it connect, it simplifies things to say that we have to this point undergone a massive restructuring of our ideas about where we may lie within our universe and just how vast and expansive it has turned out to be. What then is it to imagine that we are only a mere universe within a natural perpetual motion, universe producing machine? Not only are we not the only Planet, or Galaxy on the block, we may find that we are not even the only universe on the block.

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